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What Do I Do Next? Workshop Overview

A practical experience to find your way

  • Discovering your Strengths and Priorities
    • Your Occupational Interest
    • Your Skill Sets
    • Your Work Environment Priorities
  • Exploring Jobs and Careers
    • Finding Opportunities through Networking
    • Other Strategies for finding new Options
  • Using Internet Sites for Exploration
    • Occupational Information
    • Employer Information
    • Job Search How-To’s
    • Job Banks

Resume Writing that Works! Workshop Overview

A hands-on experience to get you started

  • The Purpose and Parts of the Resume
    • What to highlight
  • Writing Your Objective and Summary
    • Your Job Target
    • Your Related Qualifications
  • Writing an Accomplishment Statement
    • Your actions that solved a problem
    • Quantity and quality results
  • Choosing a Resume Format
    • Chronological Resume
    • Functional Resume
  • Resume Writing Tips
    • Standards and Guidelines for Quality Resumes
    • Electronic Resume Tips

Interview Preparation and Practice Workshop Overview

A practical experience to build your confidence

  • Preparing for a Job Interview
    • The Advantages of Preparation
    • Your Checklist for Interview Preparation
  • Answering the Question “Tell me about Yourself”
    • Your Background
    • Your Transition
    • Your Plans
  • Answering Interview Questions
    • Standard Questions
    • Salary Questions
    • Behavioral Questions
  • Answering the Question “Tell me about a time when you…”
    • Your actions that solved a problem
    • The Outcome of your “Success Story”
  • Asking Interview Questions
    • Selecting Questions to Ask
    • How to get Answers to your Questions


  • Build Rehabilitation Industries
  • Build Specialty Products
  • Build Contract Packaging
  • Build Worksource General Partners