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LA City Business Requirements

1. Business License

Anyone conducting business in the City of Los Angeles is required to obtain a business license from the Tax and Permit Division of the City Clerk’s Office of the City of Los Angeles. The Business License is renewed annually. (If your business is located in the unincorporated area of the County of Los Angeles, contact the County’s Business License Commission Office of Los Angeles County at (213) 974-2011.)

2. Zoning Requirements

Before signing a lease or beginning operations, make sure your proposed business location complies with local zoning regulations. Contact the Zoning Information Section of the Building and Safety Department at (213) 485-2327 (or County of Los Angeles if your location is in an unincorporated area) to find out whether your proposed location complies with the City’s zoning regulations. If your proposed use and location do not comply with the zoning regulations, you will have to apply for a Conditional Use Permit (or a zone change).

  • Police Permits
    A police permit will be required for businesses listed below. The permit is reviewed annually. The applications are processed and the fees are collected by the City Clerk’s Office. For further information and application, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (213) 485-3936.
  • Fire Permits
    A fire permit may be required for many businesses. The permit is reviewed annually. Applications and payments for fire permits are made to the City Clerk’s Office, and the inspection and regulation is the responsibility of the Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau. For further information and application, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (213) 485-3936.
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