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Does having a universal access card register me for services?

  • No. It enables you to use the WorkSource facilities throughout the state. In order to receive career counseling services, you must attend group intake.

Are you an employment agency?

  • We work under the Workforce Investment Act as a no-cost employment agency.

Can I apply for a job posting at the center using my universal access card?

  • No. you must register for services and attend group intake. From there you will meet a case manager or job developer.

Do you have disability forms?

  • Yes. We have an EDD representative on site to help you.


  • How can your services benefit my business?
  • Save on advertising
  • Save on recruitment cost
  • Save time in recruitment efforts
  • Qualified, motivated, trainable pre-screened applicants
  • Pre-employment preparation
  • Post-employment follow up (retention)
  • Labor Market Information
  • Potential Tax benefits
  • On-The-Job Training reimbursement
  • Business consulting/financing referral
  • Business Library Lending Program
  • Interview & Conference space
  • Upgrade current staff skills through workshops and seminars
  • Networking opportunities
  • Community Discovery Technology Center to freshen up computer skills

Do you have accommodations for the disabled?

  • Resource Center videos are closed captioned
  • All services wheelchair accessible
  • Phone amplifier/modifier at Phone Station #1 in the Resource Center
  • TDD available upon request for on-site use
  • CCTV image magnifier/modifier
  • Large monitors
  • High contrast, enlarged letter keyboards
  • One touch, height adjustable work station
  • Enabled Windows Accessibility Options
  • WYNN Wizard software enlarges, alters, or vocally reads text and scanned images.
  • Zoom Text Xtra
  • Dragon Speaking Naturally 6.0
  • Sign language interpreter services available with 72 hours advance notice for on-site workshops and services
  • Assisted listening devices…FM system (neck loop or head set available) for on-site use.

This WIA Title I financially assisted program or activity is and equal opportunity employer program. Sign language interpreters, assisted listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services maybe provided upon request. To ensure availability, your request should be received at least 72 hours in advanced of the need.

For more information call the Business Services Team at 818-701-9800


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