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By Milt Wright and Anita Lee Wright
Milt Wright & Associates

Resources Needed to Start Your Own Business Cont.

* Business Personal Property:
Property used in the operation of a business, such as machinery, equipment, trade fixtures, etc. is taxable and subject to assessment. Businesses operations need to file a Business Property Statement annually with the assessor declaring property on hand as of January 1 of each year. Generally those businesses with personal property and fixtures with a cost less than $100,00 are not required to file a property statement.

County of Los Angeles
Office of the Assessor Business Personal Property Assessments
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
The Valley office is located at:
13800 Balboa Blvd.
Sylmar, CA 91342

*Business permits made simple. For an excellent site with a wealth of information, go to

* Seller’s Permit
All businesses selling or leasing tangible property must obtain a Seller’s Permit.

State Board of Equalization
Sales/Use Tax Division


* Registration Form for Employers:
You are required to file a registration form within 15 days after paying more than $100.00 in wages to one or more employees. No distinction is made between full-time and part-time or permanent and temporary employees in meeting this requirement.

Employment Development Department
Employment Tax Customer Service Office
Service Office:
Office Locations:

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